Programme PGP Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Gamification, Technology and Learning Motivation Area Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation Credits 1.00

Prof. Kathan Shukla

Course Description & Objectives
Motivating and engaging individuals for learning new things is often essential for organizations that strive for growth. Gamification provides a useful mechanism in this regard and is increasingly being employed across the fields of education, health, public services, business and management. It is the application of game design elements in realworld context to motivate user behaviours. This course provides an opportunity to develop an understanding of gamification, human learning and motivation theories and then apply this knowledge to devise and conduct interventions for improving academic as well as nonacademic outcomes of students particularly those from underserved communities.

  • To understand gamification, human learning and motivation theories
  • To develop skills for conducting an intervention in a real setting  
    • Identifying problems related to motivation in individuals
    • Identifying measurable goals for the intervention taking all stakeholders on board
    • Devising a comprehensive intervention plan
    • Monitoring and Evaluating the Intervention
    • Presenting the findings to Peers 
  • Writing and publishing an empirical intervention study on a public platform

The course will employ multiple pedagogies: case studies, class presentations, field projects in groups; and in-class games.