Programme PGP Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Explorations in Role and Identity Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 1.25

Prof. Kirti Sharda

Course Description & Objectives
ERI as the name suggests facilitates exploration of self. The course facilitates exploration of the meaning an individual ascribes to ones’ life and experiences. It is assumed that it is possible to find alternative meanings and free oneself from habitual ways of looking and meaning making. This process of sense making enables one to explore alternative relevant ways to relate to the world and improve interpersonal effectiveness. 

1. To become aware of oneself as a person and one’s impact on the world
2. To develop skills in interpersonal effectiveness 

The course follows T-group methodology and process work principles. It is designed as a micro-lab and is offered in the form of a workshop. Experts in the methodology are invited for co-facilitation.