Programme PGP Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Public Policy Design Principles and Applications Area JSW School of Public Policy Credits 1.00

Prof. Namrata Chindarkar

Course Description & Objectives
After completing the course, students will: 
1. Be able to understand key concepts, frameworks, tools, and actors involved in policy design.
2. Be able to apply policy design principles to social policies such as health, education, income and consumption support, pensions, and gender equality; and also, to other policy domains.
3. Be able to evaluate the design of existing social policies and also policies in other domains.

- Sessions for this module will be conducted as interactive seminars with an emphasis on discussions and Q&A. The classes will be conducted with the expectation that students have done – and reflected on – the readings. In addition, how much you learn will be driven by how much you reflect on and discuss social problems and potential solutions with your peers inside and outside the classroom. Students are highly encouraged to supplement the class readings with their own to further enrich the discussions. 

- Students must complete the assigned readings and case studies prior to coming to class. Class participation is defined for this course as attending the class and engaging in the discussions such that it adds to the student’s and their classmates’ learning. Therefore, quality of contribution will receive higher grades.