Programme PGP Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Rail Transport Planning and Management Area Public Systems Group Credits 1.25

Prof. Sundaravalli Narayanaswami

Course Description & Objectives
Rail transport is being revitalized internationally, due to its low impact on the detrimental consequences on energy and environment. Amongst global railways, rail transportation in India is one of the largest, with a significant impact on the Indian economy. The potential for rail transport to play a more significant role in India is large. This course is designed to gain a perspective on the scope and challenges involved in planning and managing railway transportation, predominantly from the Indian context. The course focuses on contemporary issues in rail transportation related to technology, operations, regulation, revenue and policy. The course is structured as seven modules:
  • Introduction of rail transport and current issues faced by rail transport in India. 
  • Technology issues including infrastructure, and Information & Communication.
  • Operational challenges including an overview, terminal operations, rolling stock and right of way.
  • Managing revenues from passenger and freight traffic in Indian Railways.
  • Policy issues on framework of unbundling, PPP’s for railway lines and container train operators and assessment of PPP’s.
  • Regulatory policies of Indian Railways.
  • Project presentations/special topics.