Programme PGPX Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Management Communication Area Communication Credits 0.75

Prof. Asha Kaul,
Prof. Ruchi Tiwari (VF)

Course Description & Objectives
Effective communication skills are no longer a matter of choice. They form a crucial part of the managerial skill set, enabling managers to collaborate across various organizational levels, build alliances, influence stakeholders, break down barriers, achieve their goals and objectives, and lead successful teams. With fast changing business environment, there has emerged a new landscape where rules are being rewritten and competencies redefined. Management Communication, as part of the Building Blocks Module, reaffirms the corporate need to review existing communication proficiency of the students. The course delves into organizations’ communication challenges and provides a framework to help management professionals address these challenges effectively and efficiently. It provides scope for PGPX students to improve their communication skills through hands-on exercises and peer feedback.

➢ Raise awareness regarding communication dynamics within an organizational context
➢ Enable participants to achieve proficiency in core managerial communication skills
➢ Provide opportunities for refining and enhancing interpersonal communication skills

The pedagogy is a combination of case method, oral and written assignments including role-plays with feedback and classroom exercises. Group and individual activities have been designed for experiential learning.