Programme PGP Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Business & Intellectual Property Area Strategy Credits 0.50

Prof. Anurag K Agarwal

Course Description & Objectives
Businesses thrive on intellectual property. Whether it is a pharmaceutical company or a software giant, intellectual property is of immense importance and of a great commercial value. Without intellectual property, the worth of a company may be substantially lower and in certain instances of companies with very strong trade name, logo, brands, etc., the real worth of a company is its intellectual property only. For protection of this property, companies can go to almost any extent. Wide infringement in certain countries like India and China and other countries with weak laws and / or enforcement prevents a number of companies from sharing their technology with companies or government in such countries. Businesses have to be always vigilant to protect their intellectual property and commercially exploit it.

- Provide the business students an opportunity to understand the role of intellectual property in businesses.
- To make the students realise the importance of preventing others from using their intellectual property.
- Make the students aware of the law / legal system which works for the enforcement of intellectual property laws.

Emphasis shall be on discussion of cases mentioned in the course pack. Besides the suggested text, it would be our effort to cull relevant material of topical interest for class discussion. Brief lectures would be delivered to provide an overview and summarise important aspects.