Programme PGPX Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Strategic Management Area Strategy Credits 1.00

Prof. Sunil Sharma,
Prof. Amit Karna

Course Description & Objectives
The objectives of the course are:
        ● Help develop
o A general management and overall leadership orientation
o An integrated view of all functional areas of management
o Analytical and conceptual skills in formulating strategy
       ● Provide an understanding of
o The determinants of and processes in the formulation of business and corporate strategy
o Various organizational contexts and their implications for strategy formulation
       ● Familiarize the participants about
o Some of the well-known frameworks in analyzing industry structure, competitive choices, and growth strategy.
o Logic of strategic decisions regarding entry strategy, expansion, competitive rivalry, diversification, internationalization, acquisition, alliances, innovation, and corporate parenting.
The course would deal with the issues and challenges relating to the context, process and content of strategy formulation. The course will provide a reasonable foundation in understanding and analyzing strategic issues to take up roles in corporate strategy groups, consulting, or to grow to top management roles during one’s professional career including entrepreneurship

We will follow a case-based pedagogy wherein participants assume the role of decision maker. Each participant should come prepared to the class with his/her decision(s) and justification in form of case analysis.

Detailed session-wise outline follows.