Programme PGP Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Economic Environment and Policy in India Area Economics Credits 1.00

Prof. Abhiman Das,
Prof. Pritha Dev,
Prof. Sanket Mohapatra,
Prof. Satish Deodhar,
Prof. Tarun Jain

Course Description & Objectives
The Economic Environment and Policy in India (EEPI) course builds on the concepts and tools developed in the courses on microeconomics and macroeconomics. The facts of the Indian economy with emphasis on the contemporary and more recent situation are covered. The salient features of India’s growth, the major strategies since the start of the reform process in the 1990s, and subsequent developments since then are sought to be understood. An evaluation of the experiences thus far and the unfinished tasks that lie ahead for policy makers are covered. After reviewing recent changes in industrial policy in India, the course moves on to sectoral developments in agriculture, education, health, and social insurance. Antitrust and competition, state efficiency, corruption, and gender issues are discussed next. It concludes with a discussion of India’s fiscal policy, monetary policy, banking and the financial sector, and external sector developments in recent years.

The course enables participants to understand and analyze the prevailing economic environment in India. In the process, the course also hopes to develop the capacity to assess various policy options. It lays a foundation to discuss various issues relating to economic development and reforms that have taken place and are needed to take the economy forward.

Lectures, research articles, case studies