Programme PGPX Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Strategic Cost Management Area Finance and Accounting Credits 0.75

Prof. Shailesh Gandhi

Course Description & Objectives
The course emphasizes two central themes viz. (a) costs are the results of management decisions, and (b) elements of cost considered for different decision-making situations are unique to those situations.

The course is designed on these themes and it enables the participants to understand:
• Measurement of costs for cost objects like products, services, customers, etc.
• The role of relevant costs to develop strategies for competitive advantage, and anticipate and assess financial impact of alternative managerial decisions.
• Budgeting and variance analysis, and transfer pricing issues with reference to management planning and control systems

• With emphasis on individual and collaborative learning, the course will be predominantly taught through the cases/exercises.
• For every topic, the background reading material is suggested and a case/set of problems will be used for class discussion.
The participants are advised to study “Problem for self-study” and “Solved examples” given at the end of relevant chapters in Horngren.