Programme PGPX Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Setting and Delivering Service Levels Area Production & Quantitative Methods Credits 0.50

Prof. Debjit Roy

Course Description & Objectives
• "Operations Management (OM)" deals with the management of resources in the production of goods and services. Central to OM thinking is the paradigm of competing through excellence in operations (in both manufacturing and service sectors). In the PGPX, Operations Management is taught over two terms: Designing Operations to Meet Demand (DOMD) in Term I and Setting and Delivering Service Levels (SDSL) in Term II. Together they complete the picture on competitiveness through manufacturing and service operations. DOMD lays the foundation with a detailed description and analysis of the different types of manufacturing and service operations.

• The course SDSL builds on the foundation laid by DOMD and completes the conceptual framework for analyzing manufacturing and service operations. This course focuses on tactical and intermediate level decision making. In contrast to the process perspective of DOMD, in SDSL we provide a decision perspective and address long, medium and short term planning and control issues. This course stresses the role of OM as a service provider. In addition, the course also provides exposure to some basic management tools and prepares future managers to use the results of analyses for improving firm's operational performance.

• The objective of the two courses together is to develop an understanding of the role of Operations Management in a firm's success and to develop the ability to structure and solve operations related problems analytically.

The course leverages the experience of participants in treatment of the topics. The study material covers both application orientation through cases and analytical concepts.