Programme PGP Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Gender and Work Area Economics Credits 0.75

Prof. Pritha Dev

Course Description & Objectives
The course will delve into issues related to gender within economics. It starts with trying to understand the words gender, sex, patriarchy and then gets into the details of how they impact economic life. We delve into questions related to female labor force participation, gender pay gap and sexual harassment at the workplace. The course will be a mix of data analysis, game theory and feminist thinking.

The course will help participants understand the impact of gender on the economy theoretically and empirically. It will help put in perspective how India differs from other countries in regard to equal opportunities and outcomes for women. Participants can enhance their data skills while learning about the role of gender in the Indian economy and/or delve deeper theoretically into issues related to gender and work.

  • Classroom lectures
  • presentations
  • online videos
  • field work OR data analysis