Programme PGP Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Managing Customer Value Delivery Area Marketing Credits 1.25

Prof. Ulhas Joshi(VF),
Prof. Sudarshan Jain (VF),
Prof. P. Venugopal (VF)

Course Description & Objectives
Effective execution of a company’s marketing strategy through the sales and distribution function is an important step to ensure continued success.

The objective of the course is to understand the strategic issues faced by companies, in their quest for sales and profit growth, to plan, manage and utilize their sales and distribution infrastructure to deal with the issues.

Based on insights derived from situations across a variety of industries, students will be better equipped to effectively manage and ensure desired customer value delivery.

The course would prepare the participants to:
a. Understand the role played by the sales and distribution function in delivering customer
value and achieving organizational objectives
b. Design and manage a distribution system for the business, with effective management of sales teams and distribution channel members
c. Understand emerging issues in designing and managing delivery of customer value.

The course provides opportunities for interaction with senior industry practitioners in the field of sales and distribution, and is ideal for students who want to enter marketing and sales functions across various sectors

- Discussions based on case studies and reading material
- Lectures
- External speakers