Programme PGPX Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Strategic Human Resource Management Area Human Resource Management Credits 0.75

Prof. Biju Varkkey,
Prof. Aditya Christopher Moses,
Prof. Rajesh Chandwani

Course Description & Objectives
▪ To equip participants with understanding of the strategic context of Human Resource Management in varied organizations and work arrangements
▪ To explicate nuances of the key HRM sub-systems and their inter-linkages
▪ To elucidate dynamics of HRM Decisions vis-à-vis Performance
▪ To highlight the applications of different tools and techniques used for sourcing, developing and retaining employees
▪ To provide insights on different concepts, models and fundamentals of International HRM

▪ Extensive use of ‘Case Method’ for discussions and analysis exercises.
▪ ‘Presentations’ and ‘Role Plays’.
▪ ‘Guest Lectures’/ ‘Experts’ from the Industry.