Programme PGP Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title New Products Creation and Development Area Marketing Credits 1.00

Prof. Lil Mohan (VF)

Course Description & Objectives
In today’s digital economy, companies need to move fast and innovate, just to stay ahead of the competition. Both established companies as well as start-ups need to spot new opportunities, identify their customers’ needs precisely, and swiftly bring new products and services to market – products that accurately satisfy those needs.

To do this efficiently, product marketers (in both large and small companies) need to fully understand what it takes to bring innovative products quickly and successfully to market. They need to get grounded on (a) what revenue models underlie various types of products, (b) how to actually conceive, build and take such products to market, and (c) what business and eco-system relationships are critical to success.

This course, New Products Creation and Development (NPCD), is designed to takes students through the entire product development process and lifecycle. The goal of the course is for students to:
i. Learn how to go about conceiving, designing, building and successfully taking new products to market, and …
ii. … by doing so, develop a deep understanding of the key elements that drive success in the overall product development process.

I have tailored the course such that students will leave equipped with new product development strategies, frameworks and hands-on techniques that they can take and apply at their work settings.

NPCD is structured as a combination of lectures, case discussions, assignments and hands-on projects. In the class sessions, we will look at an illustrative set of innovative product that are out in the market today, and used those cases to highlight specific concepts, frameworks, strategies and techniques.

Students will also spend time outside of class working hands-on on projects – using state-of-the-art tools - in which they will implement specific portions of the new product development process.