Programme PGP Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Valuation of Firms Area Finance and Accounting Credits 1.00

Prof. Joshy Jacob,
Prof. Sobhesh Kr Agarwalla

Course Description & Objectives
The course is expected to take participants through the challenges involved in valuation of businesses. The course builds on the issues raised on corporate valuation in the first year course, Corporate Finance. The initial part of the course discusses the commonly followed approaches in dealing with different complexities of the firm while attempting a valuation. The later part of the course focuses on the application of the valuation principles to unique business/firm contexts.
     The participants’ exposure to the nuances of valuation would help them meet the challenges of finan- cial decisions involving valuation, such as, disposal and acquisition of corporate assets, and negotiation of strategic business partnerships.

The course maintains focus on the application of concepts. It uses a combination of lectures, exercises and case discussions. The conceptual background required for the class preparation is made available in the readings. The initial sessions of the course are taught through a set of exercises and lectures and later part with a set of cases.