Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title AI and Human Resources Management Area Human Resource Management Credits 1.00

Prof. Neha Tripathi

Course Description & Objectives
AI deployment at work, in particular, in Human Resources Management has witnessed tremendous interest among strategic leaders/executives in recent times. Accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, integration of AI and HRM entails reconstruction of core HRM concepts taking a machine-human interaction perspective. In this course, the students will attempt to learn and explore novel insights on AI deployment in Human Resources Management in organizations. The course draws on both core and advanced topics including intelligent recruiting and performance tools, leadership by algorithm and ethical issues in deploying fair AI at the workplaces. The course will provide intriguing insights on the challenges involved in seamless integration of AI and HRM, and lessons to effectively manage such challenges leveraging competitive advantage to an organization.

  •  Develops understanding of the advanced concepts of AI and Human Resources Management.
  • Provides insights about how AI tools driving HR initiatives and programs contributing to competitive advantage of organisations.
  • Provides insights on advanced topics regarding, leadership, social responsibility, trust, morality and future of AI in HRM.

  •  The case method will be used for the course,
  • Supplemented by presentations, and virtual/physical class activities.
  • Two guest lectures by AI thought leaders in the academia/industry.
  • The course will be delivered physical/online.