Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title High Performing Teams: A Journey Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 1.00

Prof. Parvinder Gupta

Course Description & Objectives
Importance of teams is well recognized. Team work is part of one’s life. Business, Industry, Government, Films, Sports, Medicine-any field requires one to either be a team player or a team leader. Nevertheless, building a high performing team is complex and challenging. There is a lot of literature on various aspects of teams and team work. Using this literature, the course attempts to provide experience based learning opportunity to the participants.

The main objective of the course is to let the participants experience the dynamics of team work and understand what is required to be able to perform well as team players and team leaders. The participants also learn conceptual lessons from successful experiences with teams and team work from various fields from the public, private, and services sectors.

The course also aims at providing insights into the team behaviour by focusing on one’s own self through a series of classroom tests, exercises, and hands-on experiences.

The course will use the following methods of learning: (i) Experiential learning through project work, and (ii) Conceptual sessions backed with case studies, classroom exercises, and readings. These are detailed below.
i. Exploring team dynamics through experiential learning using project work: The class will be divided into teams. Each team will work on a project. The projects will be decided by the respective teams in consultation with the Instructor. Each team will work on a project during the course while maintaining detailed log of the activities undertaken and write a report on the project. Each team will also prepare a report on its experiences on working on the project as a team.
Further, each member of the team will write an introspective report on the lessons learnt about self on teamwork.
ii. Conceptual sessions along with classroom exercises: There will be conceptual sessions along with exercises and case studies to understand what matters in building high performing teams. The case studies will be drawn from local as well as global contexts.

The course may have experience sharing sessions with practitioners from different fields on high performing teams and team work.