Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Intercultural Communication Area Communication Credits 1.00

Prof. Meenakshi Sharma

Course Description & Objectives
Course content: The course focuses on an important area of communication viz intercultural communication. Awareness of the role played by culture in equipping each of us with the tools for making sense of the world around us, including of people and their communication and behaviour, is essential to improving our ability to work with a diverse range of people. Given the more and more multicultural composition of the sets of people we now interact with, this is very important in today’s world in both the interpersonal as well as the business domain. The course provides an introduction to frameworks for understanding intercultural skills and competence with the objective of building one’s cultural sensitivity and intercultural competence.

To provide students with an understanding of:
  1. The major issues underlying intercultural communication.
  2. The barriers to effective intercultural communication and strategies to overcome these in business and interpersonal contexts.
  3. The skills necessary for effective intercultural communication in business and interpersonal contexts
  4. Their own communication behaviours and ways of improving these in a culturally competent manner in business and interpersonal contexts.

The pedagogy is a mix of discussions, readings, lectures, videos, reflection, feedback from fellow students and faculty.