Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Leading and Managing Sales Force Area Marketing Credits 1.00

Prof. Rajesh Chandwani

Course Description & Objectives
Course content: A perpetual and cryptic question that several organizations face is “What does it take to motivate a sales force?” The question assumes more importance and relevance as we witness the highly dynamic business environment in the twenty-first century.

In this course we will take a systems view of leading, managing and motivating salesforce, focusing on sales as a part of the organizational systems as well as sales as embedded in the organizational environment. For several years organizations have focused largely on “incentives as a means of motivating and directing salespeople’s behavior”.

Undertaking a comprehensive examination of the challenges that arise in managing the sales force, this course will move beyond the focus on incentives- to dwell on other equally challenging and important aspects such as, taking a strategic view of the salesforce, designing salesforce structure, managing diversity in sales teams, taking a more humanistic approach to salesforce, managing power dynamics and conflict during sales process and so on. The course will introduce fundamental theories and based on those frameworks, analyze challenges involved in managing a sales force and enabling the sales process.

-Taking a systems view of the Sales force management
-Comprehending the challenges ensuing in managing sales force
-Strategic alignment between sales force management and organizational strategy

Pedagogy of this course will involve case studies and discussions and presentations. It will also involve in-class exercises.