Programme PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Digital Marketing Area Marketing Credits 1.00

Prof. Rajat Sharma

Course Description & Objectives
Internet has totally revolutionized various aspects of a firm’s operations. Not only it has obsoleted many traditional marketing strategies, it has resulted in the instant access to vast amount of information about consumers, their choice, perception about the firms and their offering. Though its role started as an alternate channel of distribution, Internet is fast intruding into core marketing domains such as advertising, sales, creation of word-of-mouth customer service, new product design and even branding. There are tangible means for monetization of content through newer forms of online advertising and interactive marketing tools on the mobile web. These processes are just beginning and will have enormous impact on our activities and the way we relate to people and organizations.

This course will provide you with an analytical and theoretical framework to understand the emerging world of Digital Marketing. In this course, we will cover the what, why, and how of major current approaches, including online listening and monitoring, search engine optimization, search ads, and participating in social media.

The objectives of the course is:
1. Learning by doing. Apply what you learn on weekly basis
2. Establish an understanding of the emerging digital technologies. Develop creative ideas and convincing arguments about how innovations will extend current marketing practices and enable entirely new ways of creating value.
3. Explore objectives for digital marketing initiatives. To find out what people are saying about a brand or company online and communicate the messages in the data.
4. Learn how to use web site analytics tools and know how to interpret the data.
5. Know the major online advertising approaches and be able to make a case for whether an approach is appropriate and how success will be judged.
6. Be able to advise a company about how to improve their search ranking through search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.
7. Gain experience driving traffic to a website, critically evaluating what was effective and what was not.
8. Know the fundamentals of running search and display ad campaigns and interpreting their results.
And much more……..

The course will consist of four major components:
1. Class sessions: Classes will be a mixture of lectures and case discussions. Students are expected to contribute to the class discussions by preparing the readings assigned for a particular session and from their own experience as consumer.
2. Group work: This course will have group project. The work will be required to be completed in groups.
3. Individual work: There will be an assignment where each student is supposed to work as an individual. The assignment will be introduced during the course.