Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Entrepreneurial Thought & Action Area Strategy Credits 1.00

Prof. Mukesh Sud

Course Description & Objectives
ETA covers a wide canvas and adopts a broad view of entrepreneurship beyond starting a firm. It is organized around 6 modules.

Entrepreneurship Thought & Action (ETA) is a hands-on introduction to entrepreneurship intended for students wishing to explore it. With a focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem, this course includes a daylong workshop on design thinking. It also examines newer concepts like agile manufacturing and the lean startup using the build-measurelearn feedback loop.

The course is intended for students who want to understand the process of assembling the human, financial, technical and other resources to implement an idea by establishing a venture. They will gain familiarity with recent tools and techniques used by entrepreneurs and learn how to present their ideas using a business model canvas. As a part of the course they virtually follow an entrepreneur of their choice, examine the decisions they have taken and finally present their learning’s to the class. An intense negotiation exercise is also undertaken to enable students to experience the chaos and excitement of entrepreneurship.

The end term assignment involves filling up a business model canvas for a startup they have identified. This will be done in groups of 3 and presented in front of external judges.

The course will be delivered with a mix of case discussions, activities like role-playing, workshops and simulation. Students must be prepared to (1) read the case and readings in advance of the class (2) participate in class discussions and activities and (3) vigorously challenge existing assumptions and business models.