Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Health Economics Area Economics Credits 0.75

Prof. Tarun Jain

Course Description & Objectives
The Covid-19 crisis has vividly shown the importance of health in the economic domain – a pandemic that might have been prevented with investments of a few billion dollars has ended up costing trillions in lost economic output. The non-financial costs of the pandemic are perhaps immeasurable.

A well-functioning health system is key to economic growth and prosperity. Yet, the quality of healthcare remains poor, despite the obviously high returns to healthcare investments. This course will discuss the state of health and healthcare in India and globally, and managerial remedies (both private and public) to improve the quality and reach of the sector.

Over 15 sessions, we will gain a better factual understanding of the state of health and healthcare services, in both the primary and tertiary healthcare sectors. We will examine private and government/collective responses, and inefficiencies in these operations. With this understanding, an important objective is to develop policy responses to improving the state of the health.

The classroom pedagogy will be a combination of lectures and discussion. This pedagogical style only works if students arrive prepared for each class – having read the material, with questions and ideas for discussion.