Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Management of Software Projects and Enterprise Area Information Systems Credits 1.00

Prof. Sanjay Verma

Course Description & Objectives
Given the changes in software development environment (web-based development environments, cloud computing, co-creation etc.), software development practices (open source software, lean development, acceptance of SEI CMM etc.) and business models (outsourcing, software as a service), it is important to understand the issues that impact the software development and delivery processes. These changes have implications for the choice of development methodologies, business models, service offering of a company, pricing, development of human resources, financing, and process design.

While these issues could be dealt within the context of a general management program, the specific attributes related to software development viz.: high dependence on a rapidly changing underlying technology, large coordination requirements across teams of software developers, inadequate use of tools to assess costs and risks, the need to have extremely high focus on management of highly technical and creative human resources, etc., make it imperative to design a course that has a software development context

This course aims to equip the participants with the skills and frameworks required to manage software projects and software enterprises with a focus on the key areas as identified above. While the first part of the course primarily focuses on the “project management” aspects, the second part focuses on the “enterprise” aspects.

A mixture of case discussions, workshops, group project, online web, board discussions, etc.