Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Monetizing Artificial Intelligence and Technology Area Marketing Credits 0.50

Prof. Anuj Kapoor

Course Description & Objectives
Introduction and Objectives:
This course examines the fundamental issues of creating a strategy for monetization and revenue growth within an AI and data driven organizations. Students will learn about aligning various functional areas within the company to implement a monetization strategy, and the trade offs that occur when choosingamongst profitable monetization policies for the firm. They will learn concepts, frameworks, and tools to assess AI and data driven business models, and to craft alternatives. They will also study the interplay between marketing and sales, advertising and data and analytics in shaping a winning monetization policy. Topics we will cover include monetizing online content and strategies in ad-driven industries, understanding freemium models and installed-base competition, monetization of consumer data, SaaS models and enterprise business and business models from the perspective of investors and venture capitalists.

Cases and Lectures