Programme PGP Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Unleashing individual and organizational potentials: Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) and Yoga Area Human Resource Management Credits 0.75

Prof. Rajesh Chandwani

Course Description & Objectives

Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) refers to the study of positive outcomes, processes, and attributes of organizations and their members. Rather than focussing on a single theory, POS relates to organizational and individual level dynamics that are typically described by words such as excellence, thriving, flourishing, abundance, resilience, or virtuousness. These aspects are also a part of discourse in Yoga. Both Yoga and POS emphasize on ideas of “goodness” and positive human potential. In this course, we will focus upon the insights from Yoga Based Practices (YBP) and POS to highlight individual level dynamics as well as organizational level practices.

  1. To examine the implication of POS towards organizational excellence and performance
  2. To implement the insights from POS to enhance individual performance and flourishing
  3. Integrating the insights from Yoga Based Practices and POS to highlight implications for individual development and organizational performance 

Pedagogy of this course will involve case studies, discussions and presentations. As the course focuses on POS and Yoga, it will also involve in-class exercises, practices including Yoga sessions and experiential learning. The focus will be on relating these learnings and insights to individuals as organizational members as well as to organizational processes.