Programme PGP Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title The Social and Cultural Environment of Business Area Public Systems Group Credits 0.50

Prof. Ankur Sarin,
Prof. Navdeep Mathur

Course Description & Objectives

This course is designed to help PGP students develop a stronger understanding of contemporary India in its global context. We do this by investigating a set of social and cultural phenomena that shape the behavior of individuals and organizations in India and internationally.

In addition to its own intrinsic value, a deeper understanding of the external environment offers considerable instrumental value. The social and cultural environment of business includes factors like customs, traditions, values, beliefs, poverty, and demographics, which effect, for example:

  •  which products can be offered,
  •  if/how they can be advertised,
  •  the availability of talent to hire,
  •  leave policies,
  •  training and termination of employees,
  •  consumer protection,
  •  censorship.

This course aims to refrain from ideological motivations and instead focus on empirical findings and analytical reasoning. We will take a structured approach using concepts and tools from economics, sociology, and political science.