Programme PGP & PGP-FABM Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Transforming Business through Information Technology Area Information Systems Credits 0.60

Prof. Swanand Deodhar,
Prof. Adrija Majumdar

Course Description & Objectives
The course aims to help the participants understand the changing role of Information Technology (IT) in business. It will cover key concepts such as Business-IT Alignment, Types of Enterprise IT (ERP, SCM, CRM, and BI), and Digitization. Each session in this course covers a real-world case, which has been selected with a dual objective. First, we wish to cover a broad spectrum of topics that will provide students with a strong foundation to understand and mitigate IT-related business issues. Second, we have incorporated diversity in terms of industry coverage as the cases cover organizations from manufacturing, hospitality, food, and health.