Programme PGP & PGP-FABM Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Costing and Control Systems Area Finance and Accounting Credits 0.75

Prof. Naman Desai,
Prof. Ankit Kariya

Course Description & Objectives
The course emphasizes a central theme that “there are different costs for different decision-making situations and that the costs are the results of management decisions”. The course is designed on this theme and it enables the student to:
1. Understand measurement of various types of costs and tracing them to products/services and/or to customers.
2. Understand the role of relevant costs in alternative choice decisions to develop better strategies for competitive advantage.
3. Understand the importance of cost behavior and opportunity costs when evaluating multiple future/uncertain courses of action.
4. To understand the role of budgets and variances in improving cost effectiveness and profitability.

With emphasis on individual and collaborative learning, the course will be taught through the case method. For every topic, the background reading material will be provided and a case will be used for class discussion.