Programme PGP & PGP-FABM Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Written Analysis and Communication-II Area Communication Credits 0.50

Prof. Avani Desai,
Prof. Meenakshi Sharma,
Prof. Mukul Vasavda,
Prof. Vaibhavi Kulkarni

Course Description & Objectives
The course addresses the skills of analytical thinking and communication and further enhances analytical communication skills. While WACI focuses largely on issues within organisations. WACII expands this focus to include the environment in which organisations and industries are located. The course requires the analyses to be communicated through both written reports and oral presentations.

To help students to take a holistic view of situations faced by managers by applying your learning from various functional areas to business or management problems.

To enable students to further sharpen their analytical and communication skills with a specific focus on communication in diverse contexts involving more complex situations and strategic decision making.

Case analysis, off-class exercises in analysis and written/oral communication, and detailed feedback.