Programme PGP & PGP-FABM Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Manufacturing Operations Management Area Production & Quantitative Methods Credits 0.75

Prof. Prahalad Venkateshan

Course Description & Objectives
Course Outline:
The 15 session flexicore course on Manufacturing Operations Management follows the 25 sessions of the core Operations Management courses. The purpose of the course is to understand different issues and tradeoffs involved in managing the manufacturing supply chain. The course seeks to achieve this by focussing on three broad modules. In the first module, a single “station” is considered as the unit for discussion. The next module uses the single station as a building block and expands the discussion to a “production line and work-cells.” This is followed by topics focussed on analysing the entire “supply chain.” Strategic and contemporary issues in manufacturing such as using manufacturing for competitive advantage and green manufacturing and sustainability are briefly introduced.


Case studies, in-class simulations, lectures