Programme PGP Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Business, Environment and Sustainability Area Public Systems Group Credits 0.50

Prof. Rama Mohana Turaga,
Prof. Sandip Chakrabarti

Course Description & Objectives
The visible impacts of climate change, widespread pollution, and the stressed state of many natural resources are posing serious challenges to our society. As a result, businesses have come under intense scrutiny because of the large environmental and social footprint of their operations. Today’s businesses are actively confronting this reality and are learning to develop sustainability strategies to overcome operational risks and gain competitive advantage. In many proactive firms, “sustainability” has become a core business issue that is increasingly integrated with business processes, systems and strategies.

This course aims to enable students to consider alternative business strategies that incorporate principles of environment management and sustainable development. The focus would be on the role of business organizations - how businesses respond to regulatory, consumer or other stakeholder demands for environmentally responsible practices; the opportunities they create; and the way sustainability concerns are likely to transform business operations and strategies.

The course will have 10 classroom sessions of 75 minutes. This course will use multiple pedagogical tools such as role play, group debates, lectures, and case-based discussions to enhance overall learnings outcomes.