Programme PGP-FABM Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Area Centre for Management in Agriculture Credits 0.50

Prof. Ranjan Kumar Ghosh

Course Description & Objectives
Objectives and Overview: 
Agriculture and agribusiness are faced with challenges of modern times and also strengthened with modern science and technology stands at cross –roads. Declining public investment and increasing need of change are driving the need for innovation. It is in this light agribusiness entrepreneurship is gaining salience. Also persisting global instability and economic turmoil contrasted with relative stability of agribusiness only adds to the interest in agriculture and agri-business from various stakeholders such as investors, venture capitalists, government, policy makers and even corporate houses and business firms. The main objectives of the course are to enable the participants to:
a) Comprehend the changing role of agri-entrepreneurship in modern times.
b) To become more familiar with opportunities for entrepreneurship in the agriculture and agribusiness sector.
c) Enhance the skill set and attitudes of future agri-managers with knowledge of entrepreneurship to take up innovative projects. 
d) Introducing and enunciating concepts useful for entrepreneurship in the agri-space. 

The course will use a mix of pedagogies such as case discussions, lectures, and projects. There will be an entrepreneurship plan development project that the participants will undertake. The case discussions intend to familiarize the participants with the actual issues of agri-entrepreneurship. The guest lectures are intended to enable the participants to understand the thought processes and the struggles that an agrientrepreneur undergoes. The lectures are intended to generate discussions that help the participants gain an understanding of the need, the opportunities, and the various types of agri-entrepreneurship.