Programme PGP-FABM Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Marketing of Agricultural Inputs Area Centre for Management in Agriculture Credits 1.00

Prof. Sukhpal Singh

Course Description & Objectives
Agro input industry is the one of the critical components of the agribusiness sector. A large number of agri-businesses are involved in the marketing of agro inputs to farmers and other primary producers in India and elsewhere. The phenomenon of globalisation over the last two decades has changed the nature and dynamics of this sector. The main objective of this course is to develop among the participants a strong foundation of applied knowledge, concepts, approaches and analytical-skills for undertaking successful marketing management of major agro inputs. 

The course will be delivered through lectures, guest lectures, case discussions, group and individual class presentations and project assignments. It will utilize cases, research papers, teaching notes, and other reading materials. Substantial student effort in reading and analysis of the reading materials before class is of great importance. There will a project which will be very important for an indepth learning experience.