Programme PGP-FABM Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Agricultural Markets and Pricing Area Centre for Management in Agriculture Credits 0.75

Prof. Poornima Varma

Course Description & Objectives

Agricultural markets provide an interesting case for the study of various factors influencing the price formation. The manner in which commodity prices are determined and transmitted varies from one market structure to the other as well as the manner in which Government regulate and intervenes in these markets. The trade policy reforms initiated by countries have also had significant impact on the manner in which these markets function. Following the recent commodity price spikes of 2007-08 and the more recent rise in commodity prices in 2011, there has been many analysis and discussion on the causes of these price rises in commodity markets. The present course is developed in this context. The course is intended to outline some of the basic characteristics of agricultural markets that provide an underpinning to understand the formation of agricultural and food prices.


To provide students with an understanding of the complex array of forces that influence the level and behaviour of agricultural commodity prices by focusing more on the empirical nature of pricing. 

The course will use a mix of pedagogies such as lectures, case discussions and projects. The students will undertake a live project by making a visit to a nearest mandi/market to understand and evaluate the factors influencing the formation of prices. The information and data related to prices arrival quantity in various mandis/markets in India can be obtained from the following source.