Programme PGP-FABM Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Agri Business Strategy Area Centre for Management in Agriculture Credits 0.50

Prof. Ram Kaundinya

Course Description & Objectives
This course will take the students through the process of understanding the basics of strategy formulation and strategic thinking in general and specifically in agri businesses. The students will be exposed to various real life situations in which strategic decisions are taken, strategies are formulated and implemented. The course covers the organizational context of strategy implementation and change management. It provides an integrated view of various functions in organizations and the general management perspectives with specific reference to agri enterprises. At the end of the course the students would be able to appreciate the nuances of formulating strategies and implementing them under different situations in agri business corporates.

The instruction method will focus on generating classroom discussions and case studies. Certain chapters from the assigned reading books and other reading material need to be studied in advance, before the class, so that the class room discussion will be purposeful and effective. Group working on case studies will be a key method of understanding the concepts in the course.