Programme PGPX Term I Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Designing Operations to Meet Demand Area Production & Quantitative Methods Credits 0.75

Prof. Chetan Soman

Course Description & Objectives
"Operations Management (OM)" deals with the management of resources in the production of goods and services. Central to OM thinking is the paradigm of competing through excellence in operations. In the PGPX, Operations Management is taught over two terms: Designing Operations to Meet Demand (DOMD) in Term I and Setting and Delivering Service Levels (SDSL) in Term II. DOMD lays the foundation with a detailed description and analysis of the different types of manufacturing and service operations. The use of operations management in competing in high variety low volume as well as high volume low variety environments is highlighted. The issues in management of R&D, technology and innovations are discussed. The course provides an overview of shop floor management systems such as JIT. The course ends by highlighting the need to look across organizational boundaries in designing efficient and effective supply chains. The course SDSL builds on the foundation laid by DOMD and completes the conceptual framework for analyzing manufacturing and service operations. The overall objective of the two courses together is to develop an understanding of the role of Operations Management in a firm's success and to develop the ability to structure and solve operations related problems analytically.

  • The course leverages the experience of participants in treatment of the topics. The material is pitched at a more application-oriented level. The course uses cases/ illustrations from all around the world.
  • The course will make extensive use of the learning management system: Moodle, for sharing material, off-class discussions & peer learning, and administration of assignments, quiz(zes) and examination etc.