Programme PhD Term I Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Marketing Strategy Area Marketing Credits 1.00

Prof. A K Jaiswal,
Prof. Sourav Borah

Course Description & Objectives
This doctoral course is aimed at helping students comprehend the role of marketing in an Organization and its strategy. It exposes students to the major issues, concepts, models and theories in the domain of marketing strategy. The course will help students critically appraise seminal and contemporary research in the domain of marketing strategy.

The course uses a weekly seminar discussion format requiring each participant to be actively involved in each session. You will be assigned readings to present or critique, but all participants will be expected to have read every paper. So, be prepared to discuss each article in depth and to present ideas about the contributions, limitations, and extensions of each paper. Extensions can include straight-line extensions of the work or more innovative linkages with others papers or literatures.

For each of the sessions 1 through 13, you must submit a one-page note (double space) focusing on one research idea that emanates from the week’s readings. The purpose of these assignments is to encourage you to think generatively while reading. These memos will be due at the beginning of each class.

Students must also develop and submit a term paper addressing an important issue in marketing strategy. It will comprise a research question that is grounded in the relevant literature, a motivation for studying the question, and a proposal for investigating it. The proposed research could take the form of an analytical model with a well-specified structure or an empirical study involving an experiment, quasi-experiment, survey, analysis of secondary data, or meta-analysis.

The paper will be due on the last day of the exam period. During the last class, each student will make a 10 minutes presentation (followed by several minutes of Q&A) of their proposed study.