Programme PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Inspired Leadership through Personal Mastery Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 1.00

Prof. Gagandeep Singh (VF),
Prof. Gokul Kamath (VF),
Prof. Thimappa Hegde (VF)

Course Description & Objectives
In order to lead others, we need to first understand ourselves at a deep level. Such understanding emerges from a reflexive mindset where we learn to look at the lens through which we look at and define the world, the significant others, and ourselves – a process of growth and individuation critical for any leader.

The entire process of building self-reflexivity as a discipline culminates into a sense of ‘personal mastery’ that leaders deploy and leverage in their daily lives. When a leader manifests personal mastery, he/she becomes an inspiration for others as well as for systems.

This course focuses on these two related and important subjects, and is hence appropriately called, ‘Inspired Leadership through Personal Mastery.’ The course is transformational and seeks to look at possibilities of re-invention of Self

The course will help participants to:
1. Understand that personal mastery, inspired leadership and reinvention of the Self are interconnected, and would help participants to embark on this journey, so as to transform themselves into extraordinary leaders.

2. Help each participant to understand his/her individual personal frameworks, propensities, role-taking, and defenses that hold him/her back from achieving his/her full potential.

3. Develop a basic understanding of the concepts and frameworks of reinventing ourselves.