Programme PhD Term I Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Psychology -I Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 0.50

Prof. Premilla D'Cruz

Course Description & Objectives
The course aims at helping participants to:
  • Grasp the focus, breadth and depth of the discipline of psychology in terms of thematic, theoretical and methodological scope
  • Appreciate the complexity of human behaviour through the discipline of psychology
Apply insights from the discipline of psychology to the field of management

Student-led presentations and discussions of each of the topics in the outline will be undertaken.  While presentations are to be based on the assigned readings, students are encouraged to include extra readings beyond the assigned readings. Presentations must go beyond facts and findings to highlight a critical review.

A list of questions to aid students’ learning and reflection is below (note – this is not an exhaustive list) and should inform the presentations. Note that these questions are beyond the critique to be provided, as indicated above.
For each paper (assigned and extra):

What is the main message and major arguments of the paper? What are the concepts and theories included in the paper? What is(are) its strength(s)? What is(are) its weakness(es)? What is(are) its contribution(s)? Why is it important?

If the paper is empirical, what is the theoretical framework and methodology? How would you improve these?

How does the paper contribute to your learning and insight about the topic? How does the paper deepen your understanding of human behaviour and the complexities thereof? How would you relate it to other topics in the course?

What kind of applications and recommendations for action would you suggest, based on your understanding of the paper?

How do the main message, concepts and theories you have learnt through this paper apply to the field of management? How would you relate the paper and its learnings to your particular PhD specialization?
Powerpoint slides of the presentation must be submitted as soft copies prior to the presentation. If extra readings are undertaken, these must be submitted as soft copies prior to the presentation.