Programme PhD Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Psychology-II Area PhD Credits 0.50

Prof. Premilla D'Cruz

Course Description & Objectives
Building on the learnings of Psychology I, the course offers advanced insights into Psychology, focusing on its various specializations. The course aims at helping participants to:
  • Appreciate the different specializations of Psychology and their interrelationships
  • Learn about various concepts, methods and interventions that are a part of Psychology
  • Understand the complex underpinnings of human behavior
  • Grasp the academic and practical relevance of Psychology

The course uses influential books (including some classics) by noted authors (including several award-winning, frontrunners) from the discipline as primary readings (which are compulsory course readings), supported by background supplementary articles (which are optional readings that provide conceptual/subdisciplinary anchors). Apart from exposing participants to original works in the discipline, class-room sessions, comprising participant-led presentations and discussions of each of the topics (based essentially on primary readings) will focus on stimulating participants’ reflection and critique and facilitating the development of participants’ research skills. While discussion leaders must generate discussion points and questions for the session, additional questions and points to be taken up during the session include:

What were the concepts, theories, methods and interventions you learnt about and how do these build up on your learnings in Psychology I?

How do you relate the contents of the readings and the learnings of the session to the discipline and practice of Management and to work and workplaces?

Can you use the concepts, theories and methods you have learnt through the readings in your own specialization/research?

Note: In order to enable their optimal learning, participants must read the assigned primary reading and come to class.