Programme PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Leading the Digital Transformation Area Human Resource Management Credits 1.00

Prof. Rajesh Chandwani ,
Prof. Rajat Sharma

Course Description & Objectives
The rapid and supposedly ‘disruptive’ digital transformation, accentuated by the current pandemic, entails that, leaders should rework their strategy for the digital era, nurturing digital maturity (Hinings et al 2018). While some believe that the process of reorientation should focus on the disruption and ‘what’s new’, other scholars believe that it is a time to revisit basics- Should we focus on rewriting the book or to focus on essentials? In this course, we attempt to explore these dilemmas and search for directions (Kane et al 2019).

Specifically, this course focuses on leading the digital transformation in organization. The course draws from a wide variety of perspectives such as strategic management perspectives, organization change management and human-technology interface. The course will provide participants insights about overcoming the challenges involved in digital transformation and in turn explore how digital transformation can create value for the customers.

  • Defining your organization’s digital capabilities.
  • Managing a high-performing team during digital transformation.
  • Understanding the human dimensions of digital transformation.
  • Learning the digitalization from change management perspectives.
  • Familiarizing the aspects of aligning people and processes to the digital transformation.
  • Creating value by digital transformation.

This course would have lectures based on
a) readings
b) cases, and
c) classroom simulations