Programme PhD Term II Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Research Methodology-I Area PhD Credits 1.00

Prof. Ernesto Noronha

Course Description & Objectives
  1. To acquaint participants with different research paradigms and their importance.
  2. To illustrate the implementation of the different strategies of enquiry.
  3. To critically appreciate the various methodological perspectives. 

The course attempts to blend the foundations of research, theory and practice. Participants are expected to read the course material as per the schedule and come to class prepared so that a meaningful discussion can be held. Further, to deepen their understanding of epistemology and the methods used, the participant presenting a particular topic is expected to find at least one more reading besides the readings suggested in the course outline. This reading is required to be shared with the rest of the class in advance of the presentation of the particular topic. The evaluation of the presentation will be based on successful integration of the various readings.