Programme PhD Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Organizational Structure & Processes (Macro OB-I) Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 0.75

Prof. Pradyumana K,
Prof. George K

Course Description & Objectives
Introducton and Objectives:
Organizations are an essential part of today’s world. To work in and to manage these organizations, it is essential to understand how these organizations work and perform their functions. This course on Organizational Structure and Processes looks at how an organization as a unit interacts with the environment in terms of its structure, systems,
management of its resources, survival, growth, and effectiveness.

This course introduces participants to the above issues concerning behaviour of organizations. The main objectives of the course are to:
1. acquaint the participants with different streams of thought and terminology in organization-level phenomenon;
2. develop an ability to understand existing research in some prominent areas of macro- organizational behaviour; and
3. learn to apply conceptual frameworks to real-life organizational contexts.