Programme PhD Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Operations Management Area Production and Quantitative Methods Credits 1.50

Prof. Prahalad Venkateshan,
Prof. Chetan Soman

Course Description & Objectives
This PhD course is designed to acquaint participants with a few specific research approaches employed within organizational studies, including experiments, surveys, process research, systematic reviews, multi-level research, meta-analysis, and social network analysis. The basic idea is to understand the applicability of these approaches and their advantages and challenges.


▪ The objective of the course is to orient OB scholars to some specific research approaches in OB
▪ To expose scholars to the benefits and challenges associated with these specific approaches

In this course participants will prepare the modules in advance, and present the issues in class. The instructors will primarily facilitate the discussion in the class. The objective of each session will be to identify the salient contributions in that module, issues, implications for methodology research, and integration of these issues, including, identifying assumptions, similarities, and differences across different research approaches, and their relevance.