Programme PhD Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Research Methods in Strategy# Area Strategy Credits 1.50

Prof. Mayank Varshney,
Prof. Anish Sugathan,
Prof. Amit Karna,
Prof. Sunil Sharma,
Prof. M P Ram Mohan

Course Description & Objectives
The course is broadly divided into 4 parts: (1) Hands-on with Statistical Software, (2) Econometrics behind causality, (3) Content analysis, and (4) Literature review and qualitative research. The course is designed to enable the participants to develop an understanding of the following:
a. best practices in a statistical software to manage data and implement methods
b. establishing causality
c. content analysis and big-data analytics using AI/ML techniques
d. systematically reviewing literature using statistical tools such as meta-analysis
e. qualitative and case-study based research in strategy and law fields

The course will be delivered with a mix of discussions, presentations, and assignments.