Programme PhD Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Ethics and Human Resource Management# Area Human Resource Management Credits 0.75

Prof. Neha Tripathi

Course Description & Objectives
Today, organizations increasingly realize benefits of incorporating ethics in their human resources management systems. A sound foundation of ethics is essential for attraction, recruitment, selection and retention, all four core functions of HRM. HRM aspire to be a key role player in leading organization to leverage all levels of cross-level functionality integrating ethics to work and businesses. HRM professionals act as bridges for organization’s ethical commitment vertically and horizontally across all levels, units and departments. It becomes important to recognize that effective HRM leadership is to incorporate integration with support of the board, CEO, executives and administrative staff. A future roadmap to creating a sustaining and institutionalizing ethical HRM requires thorough understanding of core concepts, and a seamless integration of those in HRM systems for their acceptance embedding ethical actions of “doing the right thing” in “all that they do”.

The objective of the course is to understand Ethical and Moral concepts that influence Human Resources Management. The course integrates research on moral decision making, dilemmas, practices, norms and their impact on HRM systems. The course will enable students to learn contemporary scholarship on ethics, morality, and HRM to design better Ethical HRM systems of future.