Programme PhD Term III Academic Year 2021-22

Course title System Analysis & Design Area Information Systems Credits 1.00

Prof. Sanjay Verma

Course Description & Objectives
This course exposes students to issues in the analysis and design of systems through formal methods. It deals with both structured and object-oriented approaches to the development of solutions in the emerging environments and addresses process management, quality and productivity issues. It also covers latest concepts such as agile methodology, extreme programming, etc.
 In structured methodology, using various modeling techniques, it generates an understanding of the physical and logical design of the system. It is then extended to establish a relationship between system design and software design.

An understanding of Object Oriented systems analysis and design is provided through Unified Modeling Language, and application design with distributed objects and web services environments is discussed.
Process management models, software size, cost, productivity and quality metrics are discussed to provide conceptual inputs to quality, productivity, and management studies.