Programme PhD Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Research Communication Area PhD Credits 1.00

Prof. Kathan Shukla,
Prof. Devasmita Chakraverty

Course Description & Objectives
This course is designed to help doctoral students learn the following, using a combination of pedagogical tools including lectures, in-class deliberations, intensive writing workshops and exercises, peer-review assignments, panel discussions, and oral/poster presentations:
  • Developing thinking and habits for becoming a professional researcher
  • Learning fundamentals of research writing: Generating ideas, cohesion and coherence, using rhetoric, analysis, and synthesis
  • Writing for various audience groups; translating scholarship to practice
  • Writing various sections of qualitative and quantitative papers
  • Writing critiques and referee reports
  • Understanding citation and styles: Standard styles
  • Understanding ethics in conducting and presenting research: Respecting the respondent; avoiding plagiarism
  • Presenting research: Components of presentation and presentation styles