Programme PhD Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Marketing Theory and Contemporary Issues Area Marketing Credits 1.25

Prof. Sourav Borah,
Prof. Arvind Sahay

Course Description & Objectives
The primary objective of this course is to study the nature and methodology of science in general and then examine the conceptual and philosophical foundations marketing discipline within science and investigate application of marketing knowledge to address variety of marketing related issues.  Together we will attempt to understand how the process of scientific inquiry. We will attempt to understand the process of scientific explanations, laws of nature, and the processes by which theories in science are confirmed by evidence.  Next, we will then explore the nature of scientific theories:  what are scientific theories, how theories change, and how theories can and should be deduced.  Lastly, we will review research in the area of marketing.  Overall, the objectives of the course are to introduce students to the contemporary philosophy of science approaches and schools of thought. Further, the course attempts to provide an understanding of the relationship between philosophy and science.

This course follows a seminar format. The participant is expected to read and understand the assigned readings before the class. During the class, the participant is required to make presentations on the major theme of the readings and carry out critique of the papers/articles