Programme PhD Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Foundations of Research in ERM-I Area Human Resource Management Credits 1.50

Prof. Biju Varkkey

Course Description & Objectives
  1. To help participants to gain an appreciation for research in the sphere of Employee Relations Management both from the point of view of scholarship as well as practice.
  2. To introduce participants to significant areas of research in ERM by scanning literature as well as the world of practice.
  3. To help participants to develop insights into the conceptualisation process ERM research.
  4. To give exposure to participants to alternative research methodologies and techniques currently being employed in the field of Employee Relations Management.
An attempt will also be made to sensitize participants to comparative research methodologies given greater mobility of capital and labour across social, cultural, political and economic boundaries.

Since the objective of the course is to lay the foundations for developing research capability of the participants in the course, the pedagogy to be employed in the course will be multi-fold as follows:
  1. In the selected areas of research, participants will generate a detailed bibliography of research papers and research based books.
  2. Abstracts of each of the items in the bibliography generated will be developed by the participants, using abstract formats to be made available in the course.
  3. Based on the output of the abstracting process, scholarly papers/presentations will be prepared with a focus on conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches discernible from the research abstracts.
The faculty would review and suggest changes to the papers for revision and resubmission